2.3 Policy Area: Global Health Policy Impact Hub

Initiated by the accomplishments of the program 1 and 2, we establish a Policy Impact Hub at Critical Global Health Science Consortium. The Policy Impact Hub is a permanent focal point to conduct and promote the multidisciplinary study of contemporary human security and humanitarian affairs issues. Key faculty members in C-GHSC will facilitate collaborative dialogue and policy efforts to find strategic solutions to the operational challenges and policy barriers inherited in the complex geopolitics around global health.

Program 6: Large Scale, Multi Years Policy Research Program (Policy Evidence for Health and Food Security): Coordinate, plan and submit multiyear large-scale strategic domestic and international proposals to US and international donors for developing and maintaining the health and human security and humanitarian affairs program in close collaboration with scholars and practitioners at C-GHSC, as well as international partners that will lead to a wide range of humanitarian research and more strategic foreign policies for peaceful resolution of tensions in conflict affected countries. We particularly focus on developing Knowledge Co-Production programs with Global South scholars especially in health and food security.

Program 7: Track-Two Diplomacy: Expand Track-Two Diplomacy through priority research and policy relationships with academic institutions, particularly in designated academic and policy circles in Global South, as well as international scholars and practitioners in Europe or elsewhere investigating in global health. This Track-Two Diplomacy also aims to integrate marginalized global health scholars in Global South into global academic societies by strengthening their research capacities and disseminating their research and policy works globally so that we can facilitate Track-Two academic dialogues on human security and humanitarian affairs in Global South as a leverage to minimize the human security impacts of international tensions inherited under complex geopolitics.

Program 8: Track-One Diplomacy (eg. US/Europe Foreign Policy): Along with international academic and policy partners from Tract-Two channel, we will establish the policy impact programs in particular emphasis on its function of policy impacts on global health. Based on extensive policy resources from C-GHSC, our policy impact program will be a strategic hub to provide evidence-based policy on human security and humanitarian issues across disciplinary barriers among international relations/diplomacy studies and public health/food policies/nutrition.